The Junior Ranks Mess of HMCS YORK welcome you to their website. Here, current and past members can interact and share memories of all the good times from the past and the future events yet to come.

Current Mess Executive

Position Name
President MS Bartlett    
Vice-President LS Fisher
Treasurer OS Hastie
Secretary LS Samarasinghe
Entertainment LS Lenssen
Master-at-arms MS Poot
Welfare LS Sanchez
Sports AB Ayoub
Bar Manager MS Kostin


This is not an official site of HMCS YORK, or the Department of National Defence.

Golden Dolphin Club: Past PMC's

Name Year
MS Laing 1978-1979
MS McLennan 1979-1980
MS Laing/MS Spatafore 1980-1981
MS Martin 1981-1982
MS Woolfrey 1982-1984
MS Maderia 1984-1985
MS Burrell 1985-1986
MS Burrel 1986-1987
MS Pollock 1987-1989
MS McLennan 1989-1991
MS Kuyt 1991-1992
MS Nicks 1992-1993
MS McLennan 1993-1994
MS Connors 1994-1995
MS McLennan 1995-1996
MS Morency 1996-1997
MS Kostin 1997-1999
LS Bates 1999-2000
MS Logan 2000-2001
LS Wehr 2001-2002
MS Nicks 2002-2003
MS Cranfield 2003-2005
MS Payton 2005-2006
MS Cresswell 2006-2007
LS Okamoto 2007-2008
MS Kostin 2008-2009
MS Kostin 2009-2010
LS Christian 2010-2011
MS Boyes 2011-2013
MS Sinclair/MS Compeau 2013-2014
MS Compeau 2014-2015
MS Crangle 2015
MS Bartlett 2016-